Cruise to Bermuda

Jen and I did not take our usual anniversary trip last year due to the move. So, this year we decided to make our trip a big one. We decided to go on a cruise for the first time. Here we are atop the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas ready to leave the port of Baltimore and head to Bermuda.


It’s a six night cruise, with a couple days at sea, a couple days in Bermuda, and a couple days at sea to get home. Note that there are no kids in this picture - the girls stayed with Grams while we got away (thanks again Grams!).

This was my first cruise, and Jen’s first since she was a preteen. So, we don’t have a lot of experience with cruise ships. That said, the ship had a lot to offer. Here’s Jen on deck 10, overlooking the main pool on deck 9.

Fancy ship

The ship had a second pool with a retractable glass roof called the Solarium. This pool was adults-only, making it a nice calm place to relax. Jen’s checking her email with the last bit of connectivity before we left port.


Our stateroom was tiny. I had to use my fisheye ultra-wide angle lens to get a picture of it. But its size didn’t bother us. The tiny bathroom was a bit more challenging (think airplane bathroom with a shower the size of a garbage can tacked on).

Tiny room

A couple hours after we left port, we both started feeling the effects of the motion. Fortunately, Jen had gotten four sea sickness scopolamine patches from her doctor, each lasting three days. That meant she had enough for the both of us. So, we both stuck them on, and they helped a lot with the motion sickness. Unfortunately, we also got many of the side effects (dry mouth, blurry vision and dilated pupils, and bloodshot eyes), but that was better than feeling sick.

The first day was a good day, but there was much more to come...

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