Attempts in adventures

The next day was our one and only full day in Bermuda. We really wanted to go on the Hidden Gems excursion, but this Norwegian ship that was in Bermuda at the same time as us had booked all the spots on it. So, the woman running the tour put us on the wait list. Sadly, everyone showed up for the tour so we did not get to go. :(

Our nemesis

Since we didn’t get on the tour, we made one of our own. For the morning, we wandered around the Royal Navy Dockyard area. Here’s Jen in front of the historic Commissioner’s house.

Our own tour

In the afternoon, we thought we’d check out the part of the Hidden Gems tour we were most excited about - Tom Moore’s Jungle. So, we hopped on a ferry to head out to St. George’s, then we hopped on a bus to get to the trail head. We rode one bus for a while, then hopped off to catch the bus that would take us where we wanted to go. We waited, and waited. Eventually, we asked a different bus driver where the bus we wanted was, and she said it was not running because the road we needed to go down was closed due to fallen trees from the storm. So, after wasting several hours, we hopped on a bus to go back to St. George’s and find a beach.

After a 20 minute walk, we finally managed to find a beach to relax on - Tobacco Bay beach. It’s a tiny beach on some water that’s protected by rocks, keeping it very calm. A perfect place for people (and fish) to swim.

Tobacco Bay

A quick selfie of the two of us as we waded around the water.


Jen was befriended by a bunch of fish as she waded into the water.

Swimming friends

There really were a lot of fish around. This came from me just sticking my camera in the water and clicking. They clearly weren’t afraid of us.

Lots of fish

This fish gave me a dirty look when I tried to take a picture of it by Jen’s legs.

Watching you

It was serene looking out from the beach as the sun started to go down.

View from the beach

It’s really nice as a photographer to be married to such a gorgeous model.

Gorgeous model

She’s too beautiful for me to pick just one of these. I had to show you two.


On the ferry ride back to the dockyard, I got another picture of our cruise ship. This one’s from the other side and a bit farther away to give a better perspective.

Our ship part 2

And to close out the busy day, we got a new towel animal - an elephant.

Towel elephant

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    Sounds like you had a good day – even with a change in plans!

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