A kayak workout

Our last day in Bermuda we got up early to go kayaking. I took advantage of being up early to get a shot of the sun coming up over the Great Sound.

Sunrise in Bermuda

We hopped on a boat and got a bit of a tour before arriving at our destination for kayaking. They were glass-bottom kayaks, which turned out to be a gimmick. You don’t need a window in the bottom of a kayak because you can see down all around you.


Tropical Storm Fay did a lot of damage. We saw a bunch of wrecked boats like this one as we paddled around.

Storm damage

As if that wasn’t enough, Bermuda got hit by a much bigger hurricane less than a week later. Thankfully, we were home by then. We hope Bermuda can get a break for a while to recover.

Here’s Jen in the back of our kayak. We didn’t see too much sea life, but we did see a couple of sea turtles swim by us. Most of the time, though, we were just covering a lot of water. It was a really good workout, which was fun but not what we expected.


We got someone to take a picture of us, but it came out blurry thanks to all the water covering the lens. Sorry about that.

Blurry couple

Our kayak tour ran long, meaning we were running late to get back to the cruise ship before it departed Bermuda. So, our boat ride back was at top speed. Jen got a little wind-blown.


That afternoon we took a bit of a nap and relaxed after the early and exhausting morning. Fortunately, a cruise ship is a great place to relax (as long as it isn’t rocking too much).

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