Preschool picnic

Leah’s preschool had a picnic (as they do every year) and lots of fun was to be had. Molly found if she stood on this stone wall, she could pop the bubbles that floated up high.

Preschool picnic

Molly loves to hula hoop. She was doing 4 hoops at one time later as well.

Hula hooping

Molly found an old preschool friend (the older sister of one of Leah's classmates), who showed Molly how to make a hula hut.

Hula hut

These girls thought they could hide from my camera. They were wrong.


Molly does love to spin.


We also had some yummy waffles from the La Pearl waffle truck. We'll pretend like that was a healthy dinner and not a dessert.

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