Grandparent visit

G’Mom and Grampa came into town to celebrate Leah’s birthday. And since Friday was a day off of school, the girls had plenty of time to play with them. First stop - a playground. Grampa couldn’t bear to let Molly be taller than him, so he gave these trees a climb as well.

Grandparent visit

Later, G’Mom and Grampa got to see Leah do some gymnastics.


Grampa got a sweet hug from Leah during a short activity break back at our house.

Sweet hug

They then headed to the school to ride their bikes on the blacktop and play on the playground. Leah likes to keep her helmet on so she can jump back on her bike whenever she likes.

School playground

How long do you think G’Mom can stay on this log roll?


Saturday included some games. Leah’s excited for winning this round of Crazy Eights.

Saturday games

Next up was a game of Hedbanz.


Next stop - pottery painting. Molly chose to paint this monster box.

Pottery painting

Leah painted this magic wand.

Magic wand

After the girls finished, they waited for Jen to finish painting her plate. Getting the details right takes time.


That was a lot of activities, but it was just the warm-up. We hadn't even started celebrating the birthday yet.

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  1. G'mom says:

    Fun times – beautiful weather Friday for being outdoors!

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