A mermaid party for a five year old

After church on Sunday, it was time for Leah’s mermaid party. Of course, there were lots of decorations. I’ll show you a few close up, but for now make sure to notice the seaweed and bubbles on the wall, and something interesting hanging from the ceiling.


Leah told Jen she wanted her cake to be chocolate and vanilla, because some of her friends liked chocolate and some liked vanilla. So, Jen obliged. She baked a 3 layer cake, with 1 chocolate cake layer, 1 vanilla cake layer, and 1 chocolate/vanilla swirl layer. Of course, Jen also added fancy decorations.

The cake

Jen also made a fancy mermaid banner for the occasion.

The banner

Hanging from the ceiling were jellyfish that Jen and the girls made. By putting them right under the lights, the glowed above us.


Once all the guests arrived, Jen entertained the with a reading of Mermaid Sister.


After the reading, the girls made seashell necklaces.

Seashell necklaces

The girls were very still while they focused on stringing their necklaces with beads.

Threading beads






After the necklaces, we moved outside to make some sand art. This involved a little parental assistance.

Sand art

Help from Mom

After all those crafts, the girls needed a snack. Jen prepared fancy snacks from under the sea, including sand dollar cookies, seaweed grapes, star fish cheese crackers, and goldfish.

Snack time

Jen also made a starfish piñata, per Leah’s request. This was Jen’s first piñata. Here it is hung up and ready to be attacked.


Leah was happy to get the first couple of whacks in.

First hit

It didn’t take long before it broke off its string. So, the girls attacked it on the ground. I love Leah’s war cry here, though using two hands might inflict a bit more damage.

The piñata is down

One of the smallest of Leah’s friends ended up being the toughest. She hit harder than anyone and pushed the piñata almost to its end.

Strong little one

It’s raining candy. Can you catch it?

Raining candy

Then it was time for cake. Yum.


After cake, the girls blew some mermaid bubbles.

Bubble time

Soon after I started taking pictures of the bubble blowers, they decided I would make a good target. So, I was attacked by bubbles.


My view of the bubble attack.

My view

You probably already noticed them in all the other pictures, but all the girls are wearing mermaid tails sewn by Jen.

Mermaid tails

We didn’t open presents at the party as we had so many other fun activities to do. But afterward Leah was very excited about all the fun gifts her friends gave her.

More presents

The party was lots of fun for all involved. Thanks to Jen for putting in so much effort to make it great, and to all the girls who came.


  1. G'mom says:

    This was such a fun party – adults and kids alike! Great party décor, activities, and food!

  2. Donica Fortin says:

    Gigi had such a fun time. She loves her mermaid tail and wears it all the time at our house! What a great first friend party! Happy Birthday Leah!

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