Space Design Camp

This week, Molly went to Space Design Camp at the nearby Robinson Nature Center which houses our local planetarium. She had a great time and packed in a ton of stuff during the three days of camp, including:

  • Learning about space in the planetarium, with two planetarium shows per day
  • Making a comet with dirt, sand, water, and dry ice. (Note that an adult, Star Doc, handled the dry ice. No children were harmed in the experiment)
  • Playing with a large parachute
  • A competition to “land” a water balloon dropped from up high like the Mars rovers. Molly’s team used:
    • a milk carton landing vehicle
    • a cloth parachute
    • suspension strings
    • straws and a paper plate for structure
    • some balloons
    They were the only team to successfully land the water balloon without popping it.
  • Engineering crafts like:
    • Making paper airplanes (including some pretty exotic designs involving rings of paper and straws
    • The air-powered car she is holding here after returning from her last day of camp

Space Design Camp

Here’s a close up of Molly’s car. You blow up the balloon, then let go and the air pushes out the straw to power the car.

Air-powered car

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  1. Grammy says:

    Molly, this camp sounds fascinating! Maybe you will work in the Space Industry when you are grown! Love You, Grammy

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