Second grade

First, the prelude:

Molly’s school lets the kids come the Friday before school starts for a sneak-a-peek at their classroom and teacher. So, of course Jen and Molly weren’t going to miss the chance. Here’s Molly giving a sweet treat to her new second grade teacher, Ms. Diop, last Friday.


Then this morning, the big day arrived. Molly was excited as always. Here she is ready to go to her first day of second grade in a new dress made by Jen. She’s also got some new earrings that Jen surprised her with last night.

First day of second grade

Here she is on the way. We still love being able to walk to school.

On the way

Molly had a lot of fun playing with the twins this summer (they live behind us off to the side). She was excited to find out Jordan was once again in her class.

Twin friends

Per tradition, a bunch of the kids from the neighborhood gathered for a picture on the first day of school.

Neighborhood kids

Molly and Jordan walked hand in hand most of the way to school. Clearly that didn’t stop Molly talking with her other hand, though.

Hand in hand

The Wildcat was on hand for the first day of school, and Molly was excited to take a picture with him.

The Wildcat

And then she was off. We’re looking forward to a great year.

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  1. Grammy says:

    Molly, I love the pictures of you beginng second grade! You are such a pretty girl….and so very talented! Let me know all about second grade! Love You…

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