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Art camp

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Molly went to Art from Nature camp last week. She created a bunch of pieces inspired by things from nature using copper, cardboard, pastels, and more. Here are a few pictures of her with some of her creations. Jen and Leah got to attend the art show at the end of the week to see everything.

Art camp

Art camp

Art camp

Happy Anniversary

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This may be hard to believe, but Jen and I have now been married for twelve years.

The Vows

Bride & Groom finally eating

We were married July 27th, 2002. It’s crazy that we both still look exactly the same ;) (OK, I don’t, but Jen pretty much does).

To celebrate a dozen years of wedded bliss, we’re going on a cruise in October. But on the actual day we went out to dinner at Tersiguel’s, a very fancy French restaurant in old Ellicott City. We were excited about our soup and entree, but thought our dessert (ice cream and sorbet) would be less exciting. We were wrong. Jen’s butternut squash ice cream and my coconut sorbet arrived in bowls made entirely of ice. The presentation was very cool, and the desserts were delicious.

Happy Anniversary

Last minute fun

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After a few days in Tennessee, it was time to head back to Maryland. As we were packing up to head to the airport, Leah and Emmie decided to have some fun with the makeshift bed Leah and Molly had been sleeping on. It’s a nice cushion for cartwheels.

Last minute fun

And for somersaults.


Or to just have fun with your sister/cousin.


Children’s museum

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As we did last year, and the year before, we went to the Children’s Museum of Memphis. The kids do love some toy fishing.

Children's museum

Leah found the Lego room and didn’t want to ever leave. Which was fine by me.


While Leah was building with Legos, Molly and Emmie were having some green screen fun. Not sure what they see behind themselves, but they’re enjoying it.

Green screen

Leah and I are still building. JJ even joined us for a short while.

Still building

JJ liked the Legos, though he had a little trouble snapping them together.

JJ and Legos

After a half hour at the Legos, we were finally done. Not because Leah wanted to stop, but because Mommy texted us saying it was time to leave to head to lunch.

All done

After the museum, we headed straight to lunch. We couldn’t go on a trip to Memphis without some barbeque. Lunch at Corky’s was definitely worth suspending healthy eating habits. Yum.


Evening activities

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After a busy day, it was nice to relax at home for the evening. We had pizza for dinner, but not just any pizza. This was Papa Murphy's pizza, which we bake ourselves and, in the case of the kids, constructed from the supplied kit.

Pizza time

As they have done before, the girls had a disco dance party where they dance in the dark to music and a disco ball. This must be the belty part of the song.

Disco dance party

This was our last night there, and the girls wanted G'Mom and Grampa to read to them. The new stegosaurus from the museum helped.

Bedtime stories

Pink Palace

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We went to the Pink Palace, a museum that, despite its name, is not pink. Inside it, we found this large animatronic T-rex. Jen is standing with the girls because they were all too scared to stand close to it for a picture without her.


Less than a second later, Leah was running away.

That was quick

JJ was way too scared of T-rex to get close to him. This dinosaur didn't move or roar though, so it wasn't quite as scary.

JJ too

This Mastodon skeleton was big.


In addition to dinosaurs, the museum had a big bug exhibit. This included large animatronic insects that the girls were not fans of, but also this little scientific station which was much less scary.


This was a giant animatronic mosquito head. When you pushed the button, it would stick its needle-like mouth into the giant skin below it to suck out the blood.

Mosquito bite

It was a fun museum, if a bit scary at times. Maybe next time we'll get to check out the planetarium there as well.