Happy Anniversary

This may be hard to believe, but Jen and I have now been married for twelve years.

The Vows

Bride & Groom finally eating

We were married July 27th, 2002. It’s crazy that we both still look exactly the same ;) (OK, I don’t, but Jen pretty much does).

To celebrate a dozen years of wedded bliss, we’re going on a cruise in October. But on the actual day we went out to dinner at Tersiguel’s, a very fancy French restaurant in old Ellicott City. We were excited about our soup and entree, but thought our dessert (ice cream and sorbet) would be less exciting. We were wrong. Jen’s butternut squash ice cream and my coconut sorbet arrived in bowls made entirely of ice. The presentation was very cool, and the desserts were delicious.

Happy Anniversary

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  1. Grammy says:

    Congratulations on twelve years! I loved your wedding, and it was fun to see those photos…m
    Much Love, Grammy

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