Bricks 4 Girlz

Molly went to a LEGO camp this week, but it wasn’t just any LEGO camp. It was Bricks 4 Girlz, and no boys were allowed. Here’s Molly and Riley with some of the things they built.

Bricks 4 Girlz

They divided the camp up into groups that did all the activities together. Molly was in the Friends of Emma group with a bunch of her friends.

Friends of Emma

If you've seen The LEGO Movie, you understand this. Molly hopes one day soon to be a Master Builder.

Wylde Style


  1. G'mom says:

    Love this camp, Molly – girls only – yea! Glad we’ve seen the LEGO movie! Love you!

  2. Grammy says:

    I never saw such great Lego things! Good luck on becoming a master builder! Love, Grammy

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