Bowling with Dad

On Saturday, Leah had a birthday party to go to. When one of the girls has a fun activity, I like to take the other for some fun one-on-one time with their dad. So, Molly and I decided to check out the bowling alley nearby for the first time since moving to our new house.

Molly’s the fastest bowler I’ve ever seen. From barely waiting until the guard rises up, to using two balls so she doesn’t have to wait for the first to return, she wastes no time. Once it is her turn, she sprints down the lane, giving her ball a little extra speed.

Running start

The second game we bowled, Molly started using the finger holes in the ball for the first time (instead of cradling the ball in both hands). She did really well.


Nice form! Molly looks like a professional bowler here. Impressive since she only started using the finger holes a few frames ago.

Nice form

Her new technique seems to be working. Nice spare, Molly. (Apologies for the blur. She was moving quickly in her excitement.)


Very recently, Molly has decided she really likes Coke. So, after bowling she asked if we could get a Coke from the vending machine at the bowling alley. I told her we could do even better. So, we went to historic Ellicott City and wandered around looking for somewhere to get a Coke float. We ended up finding we could get one at Southwest Connection & Silver Arrow Fudge, where they also sell fresh fudge and authentic Native American items. We then headed to a picnic table to enjoy our treat.

Coke float

The Coke float was big enough to share. Molly loved the Coke float, and wants to start making them at home.

Enough for two


  1. emk says:

    I know you’re married to a fudge-maker but that place makes some pretty tasty flavors! (you know, if you can block out the smell of incense coming from the other half of the store! Ha!) Love Main Street!

  2. Grammy says:

    I like your new “treat” place. Molly, I lived your art camp videotape, but my iPad would not let me comment on it. I enjoyed your art work so much….I hope you love art as I do….Love, Grammy

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