Vacation Bible School

Our church does a couple of weeks of Vacation Bible School (VBS), and last week was the week our family participated. I joined in the fun one day as the official preschool photographer, though I snuck upstairs to briefly check out Molly and the elementary kids before heading down to preschool.

Vacation Bible School

I’m not sure what Molly’s shouting at the opening of VBS, but she’s definitely getting into it.

Excited kid

Jen taught Leah’s class. Here they are with everyone for opening singing.

Opening singing

Jen’s an expert VBS teacher. She even gets asked if she teaches in school year-round.


At the beginning of outdoor games, this counselor said the first two kids to tag him would start off as sharks. Leah was one of them. She isn’t the fastest kid, but she’s quick to move.


Jen’s not the kind of teacher who sits on the sidelines and watches. She’s right in the middle of the action.

Fun with kids

The game they played was Sharks and Minnows (a land-based version). When they got the go-ahead, the kids made their break.

Sharks and Minnows

Run, Leah, run!

Running Leah

Leah wasn’t the only kid clinging to Jen.

Hugging Jen

It was a great week, and all of us had a lot of fun. The girls were sad it had to come to an end, but not too sad as they knew a new adventure started the next day...

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  1. Grammy says:

    Your VBS must have been great for everyone! Jen, you are super with all the kids—have you thought about teaching school some day? Chad, I love the photography, and I thank you for sending them to me! Love All of You….Grammy

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