Shortly after arriving in Tennessee, we headed to G’Mom and Grampa’s friends’ house to check out their outdoor model trains.


Emmie showed off how much stronger she’s gotten since the last time we saw her.

Strong girl

JJ loves his pockets, though he had a little trouble with these ones. He asked me to help him put his hands in his pockets, and I of course was happy to help.


I had to use an ultra wide-angle lens to get the entire train track in, including the left and right loops and the bridge in between.

Train yard

Here’s the main loop of the track.

Main loop

JJ loved to run alongside the train.

Running with the train

JJ stopped running after the train to consult with me on the next photo. He’s got a good eye.


I see the train! It’s coming!

Here it comes

There it is! It’s the train!

There it is!

Nice work, Mr. Train Engineer. I see you in there.

Train engineer

Here's one of the trains, on the move, after crossing the bridge behind it.

A train

A shared train moment with a father and son.


The girls enjoyed the train, but not as much as JJ. So, after a while, they retired to the swing.


Thanks so much to Mark and Sheryl for all the hard work in creating and maintaining the trains, and for sharing them with us.

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