The beach

For Grams’s 60th birthday, we all went to a beach house on the Outer Banks (Southern Shores, to be precise). It’s the one behind the girls. In fact, our room is the room on the top floor on the right (with the hot tub on the deck outside it). After arriving, the girls were anxious to hit the beach as quickly as possible.

The beach

The girls didn’t want to go far in the water, but Molly did get a little damp in the spray.

Ocean spray

Next step - sitting in the water and letting the waves wash over their legs.


Leah enjoyed the light splash.

Light splash

After sitting in the surf for a bit, a larger wave came in. It picked Leah up and moved her six feet up the beach, leaving her drenched. She wasn’t a fan, and so decided to sit in the sand for a while.


Molly was OK with getting all wet, though she still ran from the waves when she thought they might be too big.

Running from the waves

The next day, it was time to hit the beach again. This method of burying Aunt Caroline may take a while.

Burying an aunt

Well, that was a failed attempt.

Washed away

Leah opted to avoid the surf today, and instead played in the sand and shade.

Sitting in the shade

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  1. Grammy says:

    What fun! I LOVE the beach, don’t you? It looks as if you gad a great time. Your suits are darling! I
    Love You…..Grammy

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