No training wheels

Molly has been unwilling to take her training wheels off her bike for some time, but a while ago she said she’d do it this summer. So, with a beautiful Saturday, I removed them from her bike, then we went to the school blacktop to learn. I started holding the bike for her, while she got the hang of it.

No training wheels

Molly enjoyed pulling me around, and I didn’t realize how much work it would be. I had just taken a shower after my morning run, but I was dripping with sweat again in no time.

Having fun

She quickly progressed from being held up by me to mostly balancing on her own while I just prevented falling over.


Leah rode her bike most of the time while I worked with Molly, but did take a bit of a chalk break to do some drawing. Not a long enough break to warrant taking off her helmet, though.

Chalk break

Eventually she was doing so well I started letting go. She didn’t realize I was doing it at first, but eventually noticed.

No hands

Then we progressed to just having me follow her around to catch her if she happened to fall over.

Follow along

In no time, she was riding like she'd been doing it for ages. Here's a video of her in action with scenes from me helping and scenes of her doing it all on her own.

The girls kept asking to take a break from bike riding to play on the playground, and we happily obliged since Molly was doing so well. They really love the playground. I think they’re part monkey.


Leah, upside down again, this time with a bare midriff.

Bare midriff

After some playground time, it was back on the bikes. Leah, Molly, and I decided to have races around the blacktop. I usually lost.


Great job, Molly!

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  1. Grammy says:

    Hi, Molly. You are now a great biker! I am very proud of you! Love You, Grammy

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