Fireworks and friends

We had not planned to be home for the 4th, so we had not made plans to see any fireworks. We decided last minute to head to the UMBC parking lot we'd been to 2 years ago to see the Catonsville fireworks. When we arrived, we were surprised to find friends already there.

Fireworks and friends

Leah's got something to say to Maya about her Rapunzel doll.

Something to say

Keira and Maya were kind enough to share some glow bracelets with other kids, which our girls very much appreciated.

Glow bracelet fun

They were about 20 minutes late, but the fireworks did eventually arrive.

The fireworks begin

The fireworks were pretty amazing. Just look at Leah's face watching them.


Despite being July, it was a bit chilly after dark. But we didn't mind, as we just cuddled up together with our jackets and a blanket.

Watching the fireworks

Here are a few more shots of the fireworks, to give you an idea of what they were like.





Sadly, the fireworks came to an abrupt and early end. We're not sure why. Some said it was due to an injury, others said it was due to wind causing the fireworks to land in the crowd. Regardless, the evening was fun despite the lack of a grand finale.

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  1. Grammy says:

    I love fireworks shows! This park looks like a good place to enjoy them…..

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