Cousin fun

After dinner, Uncle J taught me a few ukulele chords, which of course led to a ukulele dance party before bed.

Ukulele dancing

Nice dancing, Leah.

Nice dancing

The next morning, the girls decided to begin our first full day in Memphis by giving a presentation on dinosaurs. Or at least on this dinosaur.

Dinosaur presentation

This was the first time that the cousins were together since Jen made them all mermaid dresses. They were excited to wear them to G'Mom and Grampa's church together.

Matching mermaids

JJ may not have had a mermaid dress, but he wanted to be in the picture as well.

Don't forget JJ

After church and lunch, G’Mom and Grampa took the girls to a playground for some fun.


We went to G’Mom and Grampa’s pool as well (thanks to Coach for admitting us in spite of the rules!). Despite the intense splash pad calling to the kids, Leah wanted to jump straight into the big pool.


The splash pad had a water slide, and Emmie was quick to try it out.

Splash pad slide

Molly was quick to use the slide as well. If you’re wondering about the mask, Emmie had just given Molly and Leah a snorkel set which Molly had to use immediately.

Molly too

JJ got his dad to go down the splash pad slide with him.

JJ too

On the way home from the pool, we stopped by the side of the road to feed a couple of horses some recently mowed grass.

Horse feeding

Aunt ‘Chelle put curlers in the girls’ hair to sleep in for the first time. Molly’s ready for bed with four of them. Unfortunately, most of them fell out during the night.


I asked Leah if I could take her picture with the curlers as well. She immediately gave me the over-the-shoulder pose. My little model in training.

Nice pose

Then, after a very busy day, the girls went to bed. The adults stayed up long enough to play a game of Texas Rummy, which Susan dominated more thoroughly than I've ever seen.

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  1. Grammy says:

    Girls, I love your new mermaid dresses! I think you had a lot of fun in that pool!

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