A lot of sand

We headed to Jockey’s Ridge State Park to check out the huge sand dunes. After a long hike through the sand, we broke out the kites for some fun. Well, Molly got hers out. Leah was tired from the hike and not in the mood.


After a while, Molly was ready for a break and Leah was ready to fly her kite.

Leah's kite

Eventually, they started flying at the same time. It really was a fantastic place to fly kites.

Both kites

After the heat of the sand dunes, it was time to cool off with a popsicle back at the house.

Popsicle break

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  1. Grammy says:

    I have never been to that State Park, but the sand dunes look fabulous. I know you enjoyed flying those kites! Love, Grammy

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