Soccer camp

This week, Leah tried out soccer for the first time by going to a UK Elite Petite soccer camp. The coach was fantastic and very creative. Here, he's given the kids pinnies to wear as super hero capes.

Soccer camp

Leah had a great time, and was an excellent listener.

Having fun

In this game, the kids were mice and the coach was a cat. They had to dribble around to collect "cheese" and then bring it back to their cone. Then they had to hide behind the ball so the cat wouldn't see them.


In this game, the kids had to run into the "cuckoo's nest" and dribble a ball back to their team's base. Leah's got her ball and is moving quickly back to her team.

On the move

She's moving so fast she's a blur.

Big kick

Nice dribbling.


In this game, the kids had to steal balls from other teams. Leah's just collected this one and is hurrying back to her team's base.


She had a great time at soccer camp, and now wants to do soccer again in the fall. Right now, she really wants to be on a team, but she may decide she'd rather do some more clinics before getting competitive.

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  1. Grammy says:

    Leah, this looks like so much fun! I don’t blame you for wanting to continue soccer next year. Did you know that Pop was a fine soccer player in high school and was Captain of his team in 12 grade?

    Much Love,

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