The girls have been asking to get their hair cut short for a while, but Jen told them they had to wait until after their dance recital. With the recital done, it was time for a haircut. Here's Leah before they left for Cartoon Cuts.

Leah before

And here's Molly before going to get her hair cut.

Molly before

Molly's hair was cut shorter than I think I've ever seen it. Note the new earrings Jen bought her after the haircut as well.

Very short

Leah's hair is quite short as well. She came home in a funk, though, because she didn't like that Molly's hair was shorter than hers. I eventually cheered her up enough to get a picture, but it took a while.

Short hair

Of course, it didn't take too long after I got her to cheer up before she started being silly.


And silliness leads to laughter.


I think Molly's new haircut has given her some attitude.


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  1. Grammy says:

    Molly, I like your short haircut a lot, and I LOVE your new earrings! That final picture of you is great!

    Leah, your shorter haircut is very becoming….I like it, and I bet your neck is cooler!

    Love to both of you,

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