Outdoor play

We headed to Molly’s school again this weekend to take advantage of the blacktop and playground. They started by riding their bikes on the nice, flat blacktop, but then switched to playing hopscotch.


I told Leah to see how high she could jump in hopscotch.

Jump high

Molly soared on the hopscotch course as well.

Molly too

On to the playground, so Molly can flip things upside down.

Hanging around

The girls wanted to pose in the playground windows. And, yes, Leah was determined to keep her bike helmet on the entire time. I guess she wanted to be ready to hop back on her bike at a moment’s notice.

Playground windows

Leah’s waiting expectantly at the bottom of the slide.

Waiting at the bottom

It’s so great to be able to play outside like this again.

Fun in a helmet

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