Glen Mar turns 60

Our church is now 60 years old, and we had a big celebration. We had a cookout, a DJ, an Irish band, and a bunch of other fun stuff. There was even a silly photo booth complete with props.


The celebration also included fun activities from Club Scientific like this rocket. It's similar to a stomp rocket, but uses a bike pump and flies a lot higher (up to 1,000 feet).

Glen Mar turns 60

These screaming rocket balloons were a big hit with Leah and Molly. They just kept inflating them and then letting them fly over and over.

Screaming rocket balloons

The balloons didn't fly too quickly, but they could go pretty high.

Fly away, balloon

Leah also took a turn on the rocket.


I'm not sure what was so funny.

So funny

Ready to launch.

Ready to launch

They also had a fossil dig set up for some junior archaeology, which Molly and Simon really enjoyed.


Leah and Matilda took a break from playing on the playground to watch a Chinese lion dance going on next to the playground.

Watching from the playground

The lion dance (and accompanying Kung Fu demonstration) captured the attention of the girls and adults alike.

Lion dance

The celebration was a lot of fun, and jam-packed with stuff to do. There was a lot more that we didn't have a chance to participate in (corn hole toss, dizzy bat tricycle race, kickball, and more). Perhaps we should celebrate like this every year.

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