Field Day

Molly had her Field Day at school, and I joined in the fun as a parent volunteer. It was a chilly, misty day despite hitting 90 degrees the day before, but the kids had fun anyway. I was assigned to one of the water/first aid stations, though I thankfully didn’t have any first aid emergencies to handle.

Field Day

Here she is with some kids from her class at the softball/tennis ball toss. Molly’s the one in the pink hat, throwing the softball. Please excuse the pictures, as it was tough to shoot through the mist.

Softball toss

Molly and Grace race around the cones with soccer balls squeezed between their knees.

Hopping fun

There were lots of activities in 3 primary areas (gym, blacktop, and lower field where I was stationed). I didn't see Molly too much, but I at least got a wave when she wandered by headed to another activity.

Hi Dad

We were supposed to eat a picnic lunch outside, but the grass was wet so the teachers changed the plan to picnic in the classroom. So I joined Molly’s class there.

Indoor lunch

By the end, the kids were chilly, wet, and very dirty thanks to running around a muddy field. Despite that, they had a good time, and almost all of them were energetically participating until the very end.

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  1. G'mom says:

    What a fun day! Mist didn’t seem to dampen any spirits or energy!

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