Preschool art show

Leah’s preschool had an art show for us to enjoy. They displayed several pieces of art from each of the students. Here’s Leah with the rocket she and I made on Father’s Day.

Preschool art show

Here’s a close-up of our rocket. Ignore the label that says it’s a building. I believe we started building a tower, but then Leah decided it was a rocket instead when we were part way through.

Our rocket

Leah’s teacher said she was the most meticulous of all the students when creating her self-portrait. Leah made sure she had all her teeth, eyeballs including the iris and the pupil, eyelashes, and ears.

Meticulous self-portrait

I like that her favorite color is “all of them”, rather than her usual answer of pink. And that she’s 4 turning 5 (her birthday's in 5 months). And that she wants to do really wide splits.

Self-portrait up close

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  1. G'mom says:

    Great rocket! Love the self portrait – as well as the confident smile! Leah, I’m glad you like all colors! I can’t wait to see your splits!

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