Please Touch

After a fun day in Philadelphia, we spent the night in a nearby hotel along with four other families. We headed out the next morning to check out the Please Touch Museum. Leah was happy to see some familiar duck-billed faces there.

Please Touch

Molly learned how a lock works.


You can’t miss a chance to play a Big piano with your feet.

Big piano

Molly’s cranking the lift to load bricks up to Leah.


They have a pretty large grocery store set up that the kids spent much of their time in. Keira spent much of her time playing the role of cashier.

Grocery cashier

Molly thought this baby (as well as all the others) needed an MRI in the hospital.


Eventually, Leah played the role of cashier while Keira was a customer.

Role reversal

In the space area, they had launch pads for launching foam rockets. Molly’s red rocket has just taken off, though she doesn’t know that since her eyes are shut.


Shooting rockets up toward the target rings is amazing.


Statue of Leahberty

Statue of Leahberty.

Combining a couple of backhoes and a ball pit made for lots of fun.


No surprise that Leah quickly dressed as a princess when entering the fairytale corner.

Fairytale princess

Molly’s creating a book in the craft room. Note that the further out you stick your tongue, the harder you concentrate.

Tongue required

Leah takes a brief break from drawing to contemplate her artwork.


Keira’s excited to ride the museum’s carousel.


The girls love the carousel. Jen - not so much. But she took her dramamine so she was able to ride it one time (I had to take her place for the second time around).

Carousel ride

It’s a very nice carousel.

Nice carousel

We had to tear them away from their book making to ride the carousel with everyone else. To do so, we promised them we’d come back afterward. So, we headed back to the craft room to continue book making until it was time to go.

Back to books

And thus our great Philadelphia adventure came to an end. We then hopped in the car and braved the traffic of I95 back to Maryland.

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