Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I participated in Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week. The goal is to spend at least one hour per day for seven days working on kids clothes. I spent many more hours than that which resulted in a dress for both girls.

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

After seeing me make several Maggie Mae dresses as gifts, Leah requested one for herself. Leah still will not wear sleeveless dresses, so she loves the cap sleeves and, of course, the pockets!

Leah's dress

All Chad's photography is finally paying off as Leah is becoming a natural model, giving him lots of fun poses to photograph.

Natural model

Molly's ready for warm weather in her Seashore dress. She is our little string bean so the slender style of this dress is a perfect fit.

Molly's dress

Both girls love having dresses with pockets. They never put items in them, but love to stick their hands in to flare their dresses out.

Love of pockets

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  1. Grammy says:

    Molly and Leah, I love your new dresses. Your mommy is so smart to make them!

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