Getting her ears pierced

Molly decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. So, we headed to Piercing Pagoda in the mall to get it done. Here Molly is preparing herself. Note the purple dot on her ear designating the spot.

Getting her ears pierced

Here's the piercing. She handled it extremely well. I expected tears, or at least a wince. But instead, she almost seemed to say "that was it?".

Here she is right after getting her ears pierced, with her fancy aquamarine flower earrings. She looks older to me, though the missing teeth help keep her looking her age.

Pierced ears

And here she is with a second set of earrings (pink butterflies) to get her started. She was also happy to get a giant sticker announcing to the world that she just got her ears pierced.


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  1. G'mom says:

    Great, Molly! You were so brave! Love your earrings!

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