Fun with kites

Molly was given some money for her birthday. After watching Mary Poppins, she decided to buy her and her sister kites. She got herself a Hello Kitty one, and her sister a Cinderella one. Our yard has almost no trees, so it’s a great place to fly a kite.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t very windy on the first kite outing. That didn’t stop Leah, though. She had no trouble keeping her kite up while running as fast as she could around the yard.

Make your own wind

Molly did lots of math at the toy store to figure out what she could afford with her birthday money. After picking out the kites, she still had a little money left. She wandered around for a long time trying to find something to use the last few dollars on. In the end, she chose to buy this extra-large lollipop which came with a stuffed giraffe wrapped around it. She was very excited to eat it after dinner.


Of course, a lollipop this big causes lots of silliness, including pretending it’s a musical instrument.


Yes, she ate the entire thing (minus a lick or two for her sister). Now it’s time for a bath.

All done

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  1. G'mom says:

    Such a great place to fly kites! Wow! Fun time spending birthday money – and sweet gift for Molly to share with Leah! Love everyone so much!

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