Easter fun

The girls were very excited to find their Easter baskets filled on Easter morning. Thankfully, I’d told them the night before that they had to wait patiently in their room until a reasonable hour before getting us up to head downstairs.

Easter morning

Molly seems to think her new bubble wand is Excalibur. The crazy glasses complete the look.

Crazy knight

Leah was quick to crack open this new pirate princess book.

A new book

After church, we gathered with family at Grams’s house. Molly decided to be the photographer for the day, and wandered the house taking pictures with my camera. She even got this mirror selfie to prove it.

A budding photographer

Leah loves it when Uncle Scott lifts her up. Note that this picture was also taken by Molly.


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  1. G'mom says:

    Fun at Easter! Do we have a budding new photographer, Molly?

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