Party gifts

We made the trek down to Montgomery County to the home of the Kentobeans for a gathering with a bunch of friends. The Dunbars, our friends who moved away to Texas a couple years ago, were in town to visit. The party was lots of fun, but I forgot my camera. The girls got these party gifts, which they love. So, I photographed them after we got home.

Party gifts

Molly’s mad scientist and Leah’s robot look evil to me when seen up close.

Evil scientist and robot

Thanks to the Kentons for hosting such a fun gathering (and supplying such wonderful parting gifts). It was great to see the Dunbars (and everyone else).


  1. emk says:

    Yay! So glad the girls liked their gifties! It was so fun to gather together– thanks for making the trip!

  2. G'mom says:

    Just “focused” looks – like we sometimes see with Molly and Leah! Fun!

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