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We've had lots of fun around here lately. First up - International Night at Molly's school. The whole family went and had lots of fun tasting different foods, checking out toys from different countries, and watching performances from different cultures.

International night

Molly has now lost all four of her lateral incisors in the last two months. None of their replacements have shown any signs of coming in yet, so she’s got some nice gaps in her mouth.


Friday was Wacky Hair Day at Molly’s school, and Molly was excited to join in the fun. Jen found an idea to use pipe cleaners to turn up the fun, and added them in to Molly’s pigtails. I was surprised that they stayed in all day.

Wacky Hair Day

Our girls often take way too long to eat dinner. So, we’ve instituted a system where we have a dinner timer. If they beat the timer, they get a sticker on a chart. After collecting five stickers, they get to pick a place to go out for dessert. Our first dessert excursion was to my favorite gelato place - Cafe Di Roma.

Gelato reward

The girls liked combining Leah’s birthday cake gelato with Molly’s raspberry gelato. From Leah’s face, it looks surprisingly good.

Surprisingly good


  1. G'mpm says:

    Fun times! Love the idea of the dinner timer with dessert reward!

  2. Grammy says:

    Hi, The timer was a great idea…..Love, Grammy

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