The snow just keeps on coming

Olaf Frosty had a rough evening. First, it warmed up and rained in the afternoon meaning he melted a bit. This caused him to start to lean. Then the snow fell and the wind blew. Looks like he lost a button and a piece of his mouth.

Had a rough evening

We got between 4 and 5 more inches (this is measuring on the driveway where I shoveled the day before). That said, the rain and warmth before the snow meant that yesterday’s snow was compacted enough that the total was still only about 11 inches deep. Just a much heavier 11 inches.

4 more inches

Thanks to my outstanding wife, I was not shoveling all this snow alone. If you add the time we each shoveled together, we spent about nine man-hours shoveling this snow over the past few days.

I had help

Yet again, I walked Molly home from a friend’s house and she chose to walk through the snow-covered back yards.

Walking home

On the walk home, she walked along the top of the hill while I was at the bottom. She chose to take advantage of her position to attack me with some snowballs.

Under attack

Once we got to our back yard, I told her it was time to walk down the hill. She chose to get down a different way.

Slide down

It snowed again the next day, but not enough to need to shovel. I am very thankful for this.

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