More snow

We got a bunch more snow thanks to Winter Storm Pax. Yet another snow day off of school. At least it was only supposed to be a half day in the first place to allow for parent/teacher conferences in the afternoon.

We stayed inside for the morning, but then ventured out after lunch. Molly was sinking into it immediately.

More snow

At that point, the snow measured a bit over 10 inches. The snow had been melting for most of the morning thanks to a temperatures around 35 and a pretty constant rain. Others around us got 14 inches, but that seems a bit more than what we saw at our house. Perhaps 12 inches at its deepest up to this point, though it's snowing outside as I write this so there will probably be more than that in the morning.

A few inches

Molly’s just chillaxing. You’d think she might be a bit chilly in her bed of snow, but it doesn't seem to bother her. Her snow pants and coat must be doing their job well.


First things first - snowball fight!

Snowball fight

Hey, not at the camera!


Why does everyone love to attack Daddy?

Attack Daddy

Unlike last time, Leah had a great time in the snow. I think she didn’t like the extreme cold of the last big storm. Today was 30 degrees warmer, which was much more pleasant.

Happy in the snow

These girls really like just laying around in the snow.


We got Jen on the sled this time. Here she is blazing the trail with the first sled run of the day.

Jen sledding

The snow was so deep and wet, the sled didn’t move very quickly. And the end of the run left Jen a bit buried.

Deep snow

Molly got a bit more speed by using the track that Jen had just created.

Follow the track

Molly also finished under the snow. In fact, the sled seems to be wedged pretty deep in it.

Sinking in

Leah was excited to sled with Mommy.

Leah and Mommy

Who needs a sled? Molly can slide down pretty quickly without one.

Sans sled

Molly was a bit excited to sled with her mom.

Hooray for Mommy

After sledding, it was time to make a snowman. The snow was so wet you could roll a snowball around to create a giant snowball with ease. That is, until it got so big and heavy that it wouldn’t move. Leah’s giving it her best, but it’s not moving.

A big snowball

With a little bit of help from Molly, they managed to get the ball rolling again.

A little help

Here’s our snowman. The girls named him Olaf Frosty Sellers.

Olaf Frosty Sellers

The girls love to eat snow. Looks like Olaf Frosty should watch his back.

Eat him!

I think Olaf Frosty prefers this sweet kiss to being eaten.

How sweet

Making a snowman is hard work. Time for a rest. Where better to rest than lying down in the snow.


We had a bunch of fun in the snow. Eventually the rain returned, so a good bit more melted and our snowman started leaning forward a bit. The rain turned back to snow about 4 hours ago, and the snow will likely continue for another couple at least. I'm not sure how deep it'll be in the morning, but I know it'll be extremely heavy to shovel. I'll get my exercise.

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