Frozen – not about the weather

We saw Frozen in the theater and the girls loved it. They both claim it is the best movie they've ever seen. Since then they've kept singing the songs over and over again, so I bought the album. The next day, Leah decided to put her favorite song (In Summer) on repeat and dance with Merida. I’m sure she’d rather be dancing with Elsa or Anna, but we don’t have any Frozen dolls (yet?).

Frozen dancing

This song is pretty silly, so the dancing had to match. Leah, of course, is an expert in silly dancing.

Silly dancing

Silly dancing often leads to falling down. When I fall down, I'm usually not grinning about it. I guess it helps to be closer to the ground.

Falling down

After dancing to the same song a few dozen times in a row, it’s time for a rest. Believe me, I know. I was dancing with her for many of those times.

Time for a rest

At the end of In Summer, Olaf the snowman belts “In Summerrrrr”. This picture is Leah belting that part. When Leah threw her arms out, both Jen and I cracked up.

In Summerrrrrrrrrr

For the past several days, there have been very few moments when a song from Frozen is not being sung in our house (or at least bouncing around our heads). Between Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, Let It Go, For the First Time in Forever, Love is an Open Door, Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People, Fixer Upper, and of course In Summer, we've at least got some variety to our music.

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