Father’s Day comes early

Father’s Day comes early at preschool. Since they’ll be out of school for the actual Father’s Day, they celebrate it in January and invite all the dads to join them for the day. Everyone in class had their dad along for a day of fun.

Father's Day

Leah’s job for the day was the calendar helper. It’s an important job, which included counting all the way to 30 since it was the 30th of January.

Calendar helper

These kids really enjoy preschool.

Happy kids

Once it was time to move on to activities, Leah headed straight to the dress-up station to put on this dress. Then, we headed over to this station to make a sailboat.

Sailboat making

Once the sailboat was created, Leah took it out for a sail in this tub of water. The straw made it easy to direct the wind for it.


Per tradition, we painted the bottom of our feet (one of Leah’s, one of mine) and made footprints on a piece of paper. Leah doesn’t look too sure about having the bottom of her foot painted.

Foot painting


We were also assigned to build a building of some sort. Leah opted to make it a tower of sorts.

Tower building

Here we are with our creation.

Complete tower

Leah kept her first dress on for a while, but then opted to change into a wedding gown. She makes a beautiful bride.

Beautiful bride

Of course, after a wedding you need a reception. Leah opted for the fruit and potato plate.

Wedding reception

I brought my guitar along, but we only got to sing one song at the end of the day as it was such a busy day. But it was very fun, and Leah certainly loves her school. I'm so glad I got to be there.


  1. G'mom says:

    Love these father-daughter photos! Special day!

  2. Grammy says:

    This looks like great fun for a little girl and her dad! Love, Grammy

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