Cold winter?

We were given a break from our extremely cold winter this weekend. Sunday it got up to the upper 50s, and Molly wasn’t about to let that go to waste. She finally got to ride her new scooter outside. Just ignore the remnants of snow on the grass and salt on the sidewalk.

Cold winter?

Jen and Molly also took advantage of the warm weather to wash Jen’s car. Since it lives in the garage (mine does not), it doesn’t even get rinsed off when there’s rain, so it’s been covered in salt and disgusting from the winter. But now it shiny clean.

Working at the car wash

Who knew washing a car was such fun?

Fun scrubbing

Yes, Molly’s wearing shiny silver shoes and a skirt to scrub the tires. What else would you wear?

Tire scrubbing

Working so hard her tongue can’t stay in her mouth.

Tongue wagging

Warm winter weather cannot last long. We ended the day under a Winter Storm Warning, and were told to expect 3-6 inches of snow the next morning. The snow never actually happened, but we were back into the 20s by the end of the next day.

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