A surprise for Leah

Saturday, Jen told Leah she had a surprise for her, and she needed to close her eyes. She’s a bit excited about it.


It’s her very own American Girl doll!

Here it comes

Leah’s a bit shocked.


"She’s so beautiful."


I think she’s excited.


This girl loves her new doll.

She really likes it

Jen’s been looking for an American Girl doll for Leah for some time, but she really wanted to find one before Molly’s upcoming American Girl birthday party. Jen found a friend who had this doll as a girl and had saved it for her daughters, but ended up having all boys. She was happy to pass it on to a little girl nearby, and Leah was happy to have her.

Leah decided to name her Rose Jane McIntire. McIntire is the last name of Molly’s American Girl doll, and the girls have decided that Rose is her sister. The two dolls have been in constant use the past couple of days, and generally wear at least 8 outfits over the course of the day.


  1. Becca says:

    Love the photos (especially the 3rd and 4th)!!

  2. Aunt Jan says:

    Rose Jane is a sweet and thoughtful name.

  3. G'mom says:

    How wonderful! Leah’s middle name makes a great name for her new doll! Grandma Jane and Nana would be thrilled!

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