A nice weekend

After so much snow and such extreme cold, this past weekend was incredibly nice with temperatures approaching 60. So we broke out the bikes and scooters and headed over to the blacktop at Molly’s school.

A nice weekend

It was so warm that it melted the snow and ice, except for the stuff piled up on the side. It felt funny to be playing outside in the warmth on a blacktop surrounded by large walls of snow.

Don't mind the snow

Leah was given this little bike by her friend Matilda last Fall, but didn’t get a chance to ride it before the cold. She wanted a little help at first since she had never really ridden a bike before, and Jen was happy to oblige.

Her own bike

Eventually Leah was doing it mostly herself with Jen fading into the background.

Fading into the background

Leah in silhouette and shadow. I love her pose here. Makes her seem so much older than four.

Silhouette and shadow

She's a hopscotch champion. Leah may have a couple years before she’s in elementary school, but she’s already ready for recess. Please excuse the missed focus; she was moving very quickly.

Hopscotch champion

Molly found a bit of chalk and drew a little, then gave it to Leah. Leah was more into it and stayed focused on drawing for some time.

Chalk drawing

Leah’s drawing a sun here with her tiny remnant of chalk in her little fingers.

A sun from a little hand

Leah decided a fun game was to try to run into me with her bike. I had to snap this quickly before fleeing her attack.

Full speed ahead

By the end, Leah was getting around on her bike pretty well.

An accomplished biker

After an hour or so on the blacktop, we moved to the playground. Molly’s love for monkeys has turned her into a master of the monkey bars. Note that proper swinging technique includes sticking out your tongue at all times, even if your hair is in your face.


Slides are fun, whether they be twisty...

Sliding around

or straight.

Sliding backwards

While these pictures may look like Leah is posing for me, she is actually trying to avoid my camera. She would run by, briefly glance at me to taunt me, then disappear down the slide. Fortunately, I’m pretty quick and managed to catch her taunt a few times.

Act fast
Enjoying this

This time, Molly decided to help me by capturing Leah before she could run away from the camera.


We very much enjoyed our day of fun in the sun.

Sitting with Mommy

Of course, after our weekend of warmth, we've already had snow on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Just 2 or 3 inches between the two days, but still a dramatic turn from our warm weekend.

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  1. G'mom says:

    Fun in the sun! Love all the shots – especially the “shadow” picture! Great weather for biking and sliding! Lovya!

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