On to Birmingham

Less than 48 hours after we finished opening presents, we were on a plane headed to Alabama to keep on celebrating. The girls sat with me as always. And of course, it’s important to review all the safety procedures before taking off.

Safety first

The first stop on arriving in Birmingham was to go see Great Grandma Dot. She’s recently moved into a new place in the Alzheimer's unit where she lives, so we went by to check it out.

Great Grandma visit
Jen and Dot

Our next stop was Aunt ‘Chelle and Uncle J’s house, where the entire Batson family gathered for an evening soiree. JJ loves his Grampa, especially when he’s giving him snacks.

Party time

I think Grampa’s about to get this little cutie from behind.


He got him.

Got him

Leah loved hanging out with the single ladies, especially Maggie.

Big girls

Emmie may only be four, but she kept the older girls giggling with her stories of her boyfriend.

Gossip girl

Leah captured the attention of Sadie and Mary with some interactive learning on the iPad.

iPad fun

JJ’s already got a knack for the harmonica.

Blues brother

OK, maybe he needs a little more practice before we call him an expert.

Wrong way

That's all I've got for the first day of our trip, but there was still a lot more family and celebrating to come.

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