More presents

The next morning, we moved on to opening presents with Jen’s parents and their descendants. We got to it pretty quickly as the day was packed with things to do.

As the youngest, JJ got to be first in the rotation.

Opening presents

Jen made JJ a dinosaur sweatshirt. He loved it, and just kept saying “dinosaur” over and over. He also loved that it had pockets, though he needed a little help getting in and out of them.


Jen made her mom some lovely napkins.

Napkins for Susan

The girls love opening presents.


Leah wanted to hug G'Mom and Grampa to thank them. I'm not sure about her face here. She really was happy to hug Grampa.


Jen also made JJ a car play mat. After taking the cars for a spin, JJ is intently putting them back in the garage.


JJ loved this wooden toolbox, as did the girls. They all played with it a bunch over the course of the trip.


We've been in Alabama for less than 24 hours, but it's been action packed and will continue to be. So, Leah decided to go down to the basement to watch a movie by herself for a little down time. As an introvert myself, I can relate.

Break time

While Leah watched, the others played with their new toys. Meanwhile, the adults got ready for the next gathering...

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