XYAG Christmas party

Our new house means we have more room for hosting. So, we were happy to volunteer (well, be volunteered - thanks Drew ;) to host our small group's Christmas party.

XYAG Christmas party

With the addition of this card table, we had enough table space for everyone.

Table space

Molly and Leah loved playing with Mr. Andrew - our only bachelor attendee.

Our babysitter

Olive was the only little visitor we had. She loved our stairs, and wanted to climb them over and over. She eventually found Molly and Leah’s rooms and the mice (Mickey and Minnie) therein, which was even more fun than the stairs.

Up she goes

Here’s the whole group - well at least those who could make it to the Christmas party.

The XYAG group

We did our gift exchange as well. In it, everyone gets slips of paper with instructions like “trade with someone of the same gender” or “everyone pass their gift 3 to the left” on them. Lots of fun.

Gift exchange

Mr. Andrew and Molly had fun playing balance movies on their heads.

Balancing movies

Tom's challenging someone to a game of rock, paper, scissors for their gift.


Jen had to break out some mad thumb wrestling skills to keep her chocolate gift safe from Frank.

Thumb wrestling

It was great to share some fun with friends. Thanks to everyone who came. Merry Christmas!

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