Fun in the snow

Shortly before heading to church yesterday, snow started coming down like crazy. Here’s Leah with her coat over her fancy smocked dress walking in through the snow.

Snow at church

After church and a quick lunch, it was out to the backyard for some winter fun. The house behind us to one side has a nice hill that runs into our side yard, which has a nice uphill to slow down the sled. The girls are ready to go.


They fell over when stopping, but they’re having fun regardless.

Flop landing

The girls sledded for much of the afternoon, but I did get a turn as well.

Me too

Even Mommy joined us (briefly) to sled down once. Looks like she had as much fun as the girls.

Mommy too

After a good little while sledding and making snow angels, the girls were freezing. So, they headed in to warm up by the fire.

Warming up by the fire

After warming up, we headed back out for more fun. After a bit more sledding, we decided to make our first snowman. Leah went in shivering before it was complete, but Molly toughed it out till the end. Neither of us could feel our fingers for the last ten minutes, but we were determined to finish it.

Our first snowman

I think this was the most fun we've had in the snow. The girls are now old enough to really enjoy playing in it. After the last two years of very little snow, they were ready to get out and have some fun. I'll likely change my tune after a really big snowfall, but right now we're all really enjoying the snow.


  1. G'mom says:

    So much fun in the snow! It was great to FaceTime with you and see you in action too! What a wonderful hill for sledding!

  2. emk says:

    That is a FABULOUS snowman!!

  3. Grammy says:

    What fun! And you have such a great fireplace for warming up afterward! I remember how much Pop loved to go sledding with Sharky when we were in Highlands in the winter. I’llI see you soon…

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