Christmas day

Merry Christmas one and all! We had a fun and exciting Christmas, including presents and family fun. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The girls waited patiently until the decided time to go downstairs (7:30), then promptly got us up. After a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to Jesus, we found full stockings and presents to open.

Santa brought Molly some roller skates, and Leah a pogo stick (yes, that’s what she wanted) in addition to hats, headbands, scarfs, and more. After stockings, we opened some presents. Here’s Leah opening a huge number of princesses.

Christmas morning

Jen always has project presents for people, but this year I joined in as well. I built the girls this dress-up closet for them to hang their dress-up clothes.

My project

Here’s my project loaded with dresses, skirts, tutus, and fairy wings. They’ve also got crowns up on the top shelf, and shoes and other accoutrements in the bottom. The girls were fans.

Dress up closet

After opening everything at our house, Molly tried out her roller skates in the front hall. They seem great!


You may have noticed a lot of matching attire between the girls and their dolls. Jen again made the girls and their dolls matching nightgowns for Christmas Eve.

Gals and dolls

After some breakfast at Grams’s house, we moved on to opening presents there. Leah was excited as soon as she saw the Disney logo on the box.

Opening presents, part 2

Aunt EA was very glad to get this lovely LSU robe from Uncle Scott. Of course, it would have looked better in orange and blue…

Nice robe

Pajamas were a popular gift this year.


Jen made Grammy a purse customized to her individual needs.

Handmade purse

Here it is up close. It includes a cross-body long strap, and is Jen’s most structured creation yet.

Grammy's purse

Leah loves nightgowns.

Nice nightgown

Uncle Scott is quite tall, so most of his pajama pants look more like capris on him. So, we gave him some extra tall pajama pants to keep his ankles warm.

Big pajamas

We gave Grams a lovely serving plate.

Serving plate

Aunt EA and Uncle Scott gave Grammy a card that sang Feliz Navidad. Molly is entertained, and Leah thinks it is hilarious.

Singing card

Leah was happy to be Grammy’s opening helper.


Oooh, a serving plate for the Lanfords. I’m sensing a trend, here.

Serving plate

Aunt EA and Scott gave Grammy a photobook from their wedding, which she loved.

Wedding picture book

There was some traditional Christmas video game play.

Christmas gaming

Jen surprised the girls with these two corduroy dresses that she’d been making in secret. Leah’s included so many ruffles that she ends up twice as big around as normal. As usual, they were happy to pose with sweet simple smiles to model them.

Christmas surprises

Can’t keep these two apart.


It was then time to move onto Christmas dinner. The food and the company were great. As usual, we had Christmas crackers, which is where the crowns came from. Note that Caroline was indeed here, but she’s behind the camera.

Christmas dinner

Some of the Christmas crackers included paratroopers. The girls and Uncle Scott had fun with them on the stairs.

Look out below

These girls love their aunts. Leah’s been captured, and can’t escape Aunt EA’s kiss.

Aunt love

After an action-packed day, we played some Heads Up!. Molly loved to be the one guessing. Thanks to Aunt Caroline for being her assistant.

Heads Up!

Generally when Leah would give an answer, she would say it as if she was just guessing. “Ummm… elephants?”.


Christmas day was a great time of celebration. Sad that we have to wait an entire year for another celebration. What's that? We're immediately flying out to keep celebrating with more family? Well, that post will have to wait a day or two.

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