Ballet visitors day

In addition to her newer activities, Molly’s still taking and very much enjoying ballet. We were excited to go to her class’ visitors day to see what she’s learned.

Ballet visitors day

They do a lot of barre work in the beginning.

Barre work

We need a ballet dictionary (or at least this Wikipedia page) to understand all the movements she’s doing. I believe this is a Chassé.


Molly’s not the only one taking ballet. Leah still very much enjoys it. Her class does not use the French names for things, and instead opts for little-kid-friendly terms. Here’s her “mermaid stretch.”

Leah too

Here she is galloping. They even get props to help them understand what to do.


And, of course, we got a lot of waves. Note that Leah is still walking on her toes most of the time. Ballet is the one place where she isn’t constantly told to walk on her flat feet :).


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  1. G'mom says:

    We can really see a lot of progress from earlier years! Poise and smiles are growing! Great job, Molly and Leah! I love you!

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