The finale of our Halloween

As all schools seem to do these days, Molly had a costume parade at her school. All the kids march around the blacktop so all the parents can see their costumes. (Leah's preschool paraded around too. See the video here.)

Costume parade

Leah is ready to go with her giant hair. Molly decided to get herself dressed, and we did not realize that she actually had her costume on backwards until we were walking to our neighbors house to start trick-or-treating. Oops!

Ready to trick or treat

We joined a bunch of our neighbors at our backdoor neighbors house before starting trick-or-treating. Here are most of the kids who met up to trick-or-treat.

Neighborhood kids

The day after Halloween, Molly and Leah donated 4.5 pounds of candy to Operation Gratitude at our dentist office. The program sends care packages to troops serving overseas.

Candy for the troops

They also made Thank You cards to send with their candy. They were both eager to draw pictures and tell the soldiers "Thank You for protecting us."

Saying Thank You too


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