Now she’s excited to swim

As we talked about earlier, Molly has continued to be hesitant around water, so we enrolled her in a swim school specializing in helping kids with anxiety issues. They were fantastic. Before starting, Molly wouldn't put her face in the water. After 8 lessons, she's like a different girl.

Swim lessons

Now, Molly does 10 or 20 bobs (going under water all the way) in a single lesson.


She even had a short burst of swimming by herself.

Solo swimming

Learning the backstroke.

The backstroke

Floating on her back. I think this was the first time she'd done this.

Floating on her back

She's still a little scared of jumping in, but she did it without any trouble.

Jumping in

Here she is preparing to dive in, which is still a bit scary but she's done it a couple times.

Diving in

There she goes. Nice dive!

Nice dive

We cannot say enough good things about MarTar Swim School. Molly made remarkable progress in her 8 weeks. We'll definitely be back in the Spring to prepare her for spending the Summer at the pool!

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