Exploring the dinosaurs

After spending the week in New York, G'Mom and Grampa joined us back in Maryland. We decided to take a trip down to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. And to get there, we had to take the fun route of riding the DC Metro. This was actually the girls' first ride on the Metro.

Train ride

Leah studies the subway map carefully. Not sure how she's seeing it with her sunglasses on while we're underground.

Our navigator

We thought of making this trip because Molly's been asking to see dinosaur bones. Well, now she can see them, but I think this allosaurus is staring right back at her.

Dinosaur bones

Some of the dinosaurs were very big. Those tiny figures under that tail are Molly, me, Grampa, and G'Mom.

Big dinosaurs

Look. Up there. Swimming dinosaurs.

Swimming dinosaurs

Look, Dad, look. Big prehistoric birds.

Big prehistoric birds

They had a hands-on area for kids to play with archeology-related things. Leah was a big fan of the binoculars.


They had a few microscopes that the kids could use to look at fossils up close.

Under the microscope

There were some things (like this rock) in the main exhibits that said kids could touch them. This rock in the gemstones exhibit made a good seat.

Have a seat

Lots of shiny things. Naturally, pink and purple things were favorites of the girls.


Purple. And you could touch it, too.


The girls got to see the Hope Diamond up close and personal.

The Hope Diamond

In the Insect exhibit, the girls got to see a tarantula.

Creepy crawlers

Leah wasn't scared of the hairy spider at all, putting her face right next to the glass. I had a slightly different reaction.

Not scared

After the bravery of my daughter, I got up close with the spider as well.

Up close

Grampa and Leah check out all the butterflies starting to emerge from their chrysalides.

Butterfly chrysalis

After the museum, the girls got some popsicles on the national mall.


They made a mess, but enjoyed them thoroughly.

A mess

Snacking on the mall with the museum in the background.

Snacking on the mall

Here we are, after a very fun trip to the museum, with the dome of the museum in the background.

The four of us

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  1. G'mom says:

    This was such a fun day! So glad we were all able to go – and enjoy the beautiful weather too!

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