Elizabeth and Scott’s wedding

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the wedding of Elizabeth and Scott. Our entire little family participated in the wedding. Chad took many, many photos and thanks to my Dad, we have some pictures from the ceremony too. Here are some of my favorites.

Mommy love at the rehearsal dinner.

Mommy love

The morning of the wedding was a beautiful day on a beautiful estate. On the way to breakfast, we stopped by a gazebo to relax a bit.


Flower toss. I hear this event may be added to the 2016 Olympics.

Flower toss

Leah has not been allowed to wear these white patent leather shoes before now, so she was very excited to be able to put them on.


We're all ready! Not sure what Leah's excited about here, but she sure is cute.


The ceremony.

Exchanging rings

The first dance.

First dance

Molly had been asking all day when the dancing would start. She was disappointed that we had to eat dinner first before the dancing began at the reception. So, of course, she was ready to get out on the floor as soon as we could.

Dancing family

The girls couldn't resist the opportunity to dance with Aunt EA and Uncle Scott.

Dancing with the bride and groom

Leah was dancing with Aunt EA to an oldie, when the DJ changed the song to a newer hip hop song. EA put out her arms and dipped low, and Leah didn't miss a beat before matching Aunt EA's new dance. It was adorable.

Dip low

Leah took some breaks, but Molly couldn't get enough dancing. Eventually she was adopted by the bridesmaids as part of their dance circle, which she loved.

More dancing

Molly made it all the way through the reception (including the last song), but Leah couldn't quite make it. She tuckered out on Grampa toward the end of the reception.


You can see all our pictures from the wedding weekend on Flickr.

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