Back-to-School picnics

Leah's preschool had a Back-to-School picnic at a nearby park. The playground was packed the entire time, giving the kids lots of practice at taking turns.

Back-to-school picnic number 1

La Pearl Waffles came to the picnic. While Chad waited for them to fix our waffles, Leah and I relaxed on the hillside.

Waiting for waffles

Leah loves to give great hugs!

Mommy love

The girls had a lot of fun playing on this elephant. They said they were riding it to Alabama. Chad told them that this would not be a very speedy form of transportation, but they felt that the journey was just as important as the destination.

Elephant ride

Back-to-School picnic #2 was Molly's, which included some outstanding face painting. Molly went for the full face look.

Face painting

I think she likes it.

Final product

Leah opted to have her arm painted instead of her face.

Rainbow arm


  1. Michelle F. says:

    Tell them they need a tiger to ride on to Alabama. The elephant might give people the wrong impression. 😉

  2. G'mom says:

    Love these great pictures! How great to have such fun to get back into the school routine! Great smiles from all and pretty paintings!

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